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FORUM RULES: Game Development
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Post #196430 FORUM RULES: Game Development

Please remember to also read the global forum rules.

What belongs here?

  • Technical discussion of game engines, servers, development etc.
  • Discussing/sharing game design ideas, techniques, etc.
  • Sharing/displaying games, or artwork/ideas/designs for games you are developing under the following conditions:
    • Your game must not be an already "finished product".
    • Your game should fit the interests of the community somewhat (social, MMO, RPG)
    • OR, you must be an already established member of the community (have a post history other than ones about your game)

What doesn't belong here? 

  • Discussion of commercial games, or games you are not involved in creating.
  • Commercial game advertisements.
  • Discussion about EO private servers, or pure EO clones (see the EO Server Building forum)

Forum Rules

  • Do not claim other people's work/ideas as your own.
  • Try to avoid putting all of your work/ideas in to one topic as it leads to very big and confusing topics.
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Topic is locked.
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