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EOSERV Forum Rules

This page was last updated on the 19th of June, 2015 (9 years ago).

1. Global Rules

  1. Try to be helpful, friendly, and welcoming to everyone.
  2. Keep content and environment "family safe".
  3. Do not create new accounts to evade a ban.
  4. You must agree to our Terms of Service.
  5. Read and follow the stickied rule topics in each sub-forum.

2. Posting Rules

  1. Do not type "lol liek u do dis way" - this is a public forum, not a message to your friends on MSN Skype.
  2. Do not post any pornographic (sexual or genital-focused images/text), shocking or obscene content.
  3. Do not post or link to any content illegal in the United States of America, (warez, serials, keygens, etc). This includes copyrighted material (e.g. official EO files).
  4. Do not post if you have nothing constructive to add to a conversation.
  5. Do not edit your posts in an attempt to delete them or significantly change their meaning.
  6. Do not harass any other users for any reason, or bring unneccessary drama in to new topics.
  7. Do not make untrue claims about other people or organizations.
  8. Do not "dox" users by sharing information about their real life identity.

3. Topic Rules

  1. Topics should have a descriptive subject line. (not "help me" or "hey guys read this")
  2. Do not discuss or link to private servers built using the software here. You may post a link to your own server in your signature.
  3. Do not post with the intention of only bringing visitors to your own websites/servers (advertising).
  4. Topics should be placed in the right forum; read the forum descriptions and rules topics for more information.
  5. Stay on topic, create a new thread for each new discussion topic.
  6. Topics should be broadly relevant to the community, not aimed at a single, or small set of forum users.

4. Moderation

  1. Posts may be deleted for any reason or no reason at all.
  2. Posts will remain visible to logged in users after being deleted.
  3. Posts deemed pure spam, advertisement, or containing illegal content will not remain visible after deletion.
  4. Your account will be banned at the discretion of the moderators, for being consistently spammy or toxic to the community, or serious and blatant violations of the rules.

5. Support

  1. To report a rule-breaking post or a user harassing you, send a Private Message to Sausage or any other moderator.
  2. To request a change of display name, send a Private Message to Sausage. Ensure your desired name is not already in use. Requests made via E-mail, IRC or Skype will be ignored.
  3. For help with recovering an account, first try the automated recovery system, then contact Sausage via E-mail.

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