EOSERV Bug Tracker > Bug #447: Mark as spam!

Bug #447: Mark as spam!

Mark as spam!
ID #447
Submitter insomniac
Product eoserv.net
Severity Feature Request
Status OPEN, NEW
Submitted 3rd Mar 2017
Updated 3rd Mar 2017
insomniac Submitter 7 years, 13 weeks ago

I've noticed what I am guessing is bot activity on the forum and was thinking a mark as spam button might make it easier for you guys to filter through. Maybe if 2 people mark as spam temp ban account temp lock or remove topic for admin viewing and implement some guidelines and rules for useing this feature.


Cirras 7 years, 12 weeks ago

I think this one may just require a slightly more active moderator to be keeping an eye on new posts, to be honest. When they crop up, I keep commenting on these spam posts like "... hi is anyone going to delete this?"

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