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Bug #446: Warp suck

Warp suck
ID #446
Submitter insomniac
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Submitted 16th Feb 2017
Updated 6th May 2017
insomniac Submitter 7 years, 15 weeks ago

I walked into a skill masters building selected the skill master the dialog popped up and I got sucked out the door the menu stays open and you can interact with it! I am not to sure if this is serious or a correct emulation of main but you might want to look into it.


Cirras 7 years, 15 weeks ago

The menu should be mostly clientside, the server shouldn't have any idea that the menu is even open until the player clicks an option that sends a packet.

Cancelling the menu doesn't send anything to the server so it really isn't

feasible for the server to track.

insomniac Submitter 7 years, 15 weeks ago

What I am thinking is maybe have the warp suck function track a few more states before completing its function!

character->npc = 0;

character->npc_type = ENF::NPC;

character->board = 0;

character->jukebox_open = false;

character->tradeing = 0;

character->trade_partner = 0;

Sausage Developer 7 years, 3 weeks ago

It's already the case that warping, regardless of how its done, does that. Its a problem of the client if the window stays open, but unable to actually operate.

Updated Status to CLOSED, INVALID

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