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Bug #244: Deleting Chest Items

Deleting Chest Items
ID #244
Submitter Ryouken
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Submitted 17th Apr 2013
Updated 31st Jan 2014
Related SVN Revisions
Rev# Date Description
r386 31 Jan 2014 23:16:16 UTC Better partial chest take code, fixes bug #244
Ryouken Submitter 11 years, 11 weeks ago

I noticed another bug in chests where you can delete the contents and not get them if you're overweight. The problem is it's only adding the deleted items back if taken is not 0, but if I were to send a packet to request those chest items and I'm overweight, then taken would obviously be 0 and the items would not be added back.

I suggest setting the amount inside the if(taken) scope to avoid deleting items and not putting those not taken back.


Ryouken Submitter 11 years, 11 weeks ago

Actually, that suggestion I made wouldn't work, this part should be taken out of the if(taken) scope and put above it right after the variables:

if (amount - taken > 0)


chest->AddItem(id, amount - taken);


Plasmastar 11 years, 10 weeks ago

I wasn't aware the official EOSERV rev enforced weight...

Apollo 11 years, 10 weeks ago

The variable taken acts as a boolean there because it will be given an amount 0(false) or >0(true). I suspect something is broken prior to this. I think the problem is checking the character->weight to character->maxweight. I think I had changed something in these because Sausage allowed weight = maxweight to not be considered overweight in places. I will check the official code again, but I think that is the actual problem.

Sausage Developer 11 years, 8 weeks ago

Good catch. =]

Updated Status to CONFIRMED

Sausage Developer 10 years, 21 weeks ago

Fixed in r386

Updated Status to CLOSED, FIXED

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