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Eoserv History

Eoserv ScreenShots

The most amazing thing to me is the incredibly short time frame on these.

January 2009: (omg_a_map.png) A significant moment where Vult-r's quite obvious anti-server-emulator check was broken (see handlers/Init.cpp: stupid_hash()), and the first time a map was ever loaded when connected on a non-official server. This was when EOSERV finally turned from an idea (in planning since back to 2006, Eoserv BountySource even still exists) in to active development.

March 2009: The month EOSERV 0.2.0, 0.3.0 and 0.4.0 were released (amounting to a multi-player social dress-up game). "ENDL097.png" and "ENDL098.png" were taken just 4 days before the release of 0.2.0

(0.4.0 was released exactly 70 days after omg_a_map.png was uploaded)

June 2009: (big_event.png) As it says on the box. The biggest group of people on a private server I'd ever seen at the time, I believe.

July 2009: EOSERV 0.5.0 which finally added all the vital game features (combat, banks, shops)

And that was the last significant update until...

December 2011: EOSERV 0.5.4 (which should have been named 0.6.0) added a lot of extra features (most notably, spells)

February 2012: EOSERV 0.6.0 added quests

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