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How To Make Your Own Map
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Post #15582 How To Make Your Own Map

Okay First Of All You Will Need These Programs...


Eo Map Editor 0.1.0 Download this at...




Also You Need eoMapEditALPHA-5 But The Site Is Down So ill Give you a Link That I put on




Now Extract Both Of The Files To Your Endless Online File...


Once It Is Done Open Them Both Up


Now On EoMapEditALPHA-5 (EOSEP) Click File New


Once You Have Done That You Need To Set How Big You Want Your Map


So Go To Settings On EoMapEditALPHA-5 (EOSEP)


Then If You Can See Map Size Your On The Right Track


Now To Make Your Own You Will Need Something To Work On


So If It Says...


Map Size: 0      0


The Map Does Not Exsist.


So You Will Have To Change The 0 To What Ever You Want


For A Beginner I Would Set As


Map Size: 5      5


Once You Have Done That


Click File Save As


Save It To Your Desktop


Save it As 00279.emf


Once You Have Done That


You Will Need To Go TO EO Map Editor 0.1.0


When You Have Opened Click The 3 Dots


Keep Clicking Them Till You Get Back To Your Desktop


Then Look For The File


Map 00279.emf


When You Find It Open It Up


Then Go Back To EoMapEditALPHA-5 (EOSEP)


Then On There You Sould See Some Tiles And Numbers Under Them


Click Them And Start To Scroll Down Till You See A Tile You Would Like As Your Base Tile Of Your Map


Once You Have Chosen Go To EoMapEditALPHA-5 (EOSEP)


And Goto Settings


Then Under Map Size Is Exit Warp

And Under That Is Base Tile


It Sould Be 0 At The Moment


Now Change It To What Ever The Number Of The Tile You Wanted Of The Base Tile


Now Click File Save


Goto Eo Map Editor 0.1.0 And Press F5 To Refresh Your Page


Then You Will Notice There Is Tiles On The Base


Now To Change Your Tiles You Will Have To Find Out The Location


If You Would Like To Find Out A Location Of Somewere


Type #loc


On Endless Online


Once You Have Done All That


You Can Edit Tiles


So Go To Main Next To Settings At The Top


And Select Ground Tile Editor On The Drop Down Box


And Click Run


Once You Have Found Out The Location


Go To Edit Add At The Top


Then Type In The LocX And LocY


And Then Choose The Tile From Eo Map Editor 0.1.0


Then Click File Save


Then Go To The One You Edited The Base Tile The One With Main/Settings/Sound/Other/Credits/Debug


Click File Save


Then Go To Eo Map Editor 0.1.0


Press F5 To Refresh And Then Will Notce A Tile Has Changed


You Can Do This With Any Tile And On Any Map


Thanks For Reading


If You Would Like To Conact Me


Please Contact





11 years, 19 weeks ago
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