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How To Edit A Map Tutorial
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Post #15532 How To Edit A Map Tutorial

Okay First Of All You Will Need These Programs...


Eo Map Editor 0.1.0 Download this at...




Also You Need eoMapEditALPHA-5 But The Site Is Down So ill Give you a Link That I Uploaded




Now Extract Both Of The Files To Your Endless Online File...


Once That Is Done Go To Endless online folder and choose a map you want to edit

Say for exsample Map 00001 Copy it and paste it on desktop so you have 2 now.


Once You Have Done That Open Up EoMapEdit ALPHA-5 And Then Click File Open


Then open the one on the desktop map 00001


then if you see the the drop down box click it and go to Ground Tile Editor


Then Click Run


When it opens Click Minimize The little _ at the top.


Now Go To Your Endless online Folder And Open Eo Map Edit 0.1.0


When its opened Click Maps


Then Chose 00001


When it Loads it will show you Map 00001


Then Go To Your EoMapEditALPHA-5 At The Bottom Called EOSEP


Now When you See LocX LocY Tile


You will notice If You Find Out The Loc X And Y You Can Change That Tile



How To Change Tile



Ok First You Need To Find Out The Loc Code


For Exsample x10 y11 And then fild The Loc On The List


Once Found Go To The Eo Map Edit 0.1.0


Then If You See Lots Of Tiles On The Bottom If You Click them You can scroll down


Now Pick A Tile...


Remember The Number Of The Tile


Once Picked A Tile Goto Your Eo Map Edit ALPHA-5 As At the bottom of your screen its EOSEP


Now Change The The Tile Of x10 y11 To What Ever You Have Picked


Then Click File Save On Both Of The Eo Map Edit ALPHA-5 And On EOSEP


Then Go To Your Eo Map Edit 0.1.0


Press F5 To Refresh and look for the tile you have chosen


You will notice that tile has changed you your tile that you chosen


By The Way This will work with any map and any tile also any X , Y Location (loc)


If You Would Like To Find The Location (loc) Of Somewere go on endless online Main Server ( Or A Private One)

Any Type #loc


and it will come up in chat


System Your Current Location Is At Map ? x: ? y: ?


Hope You Have Fun Editing Eo



If You Have Any Problems Go To




Or Email




Thanks For Reading

11 years, 19 weeks ago
Post #15533 Re: How To Edit A Map Tutorial

Very nice, Easy and simple.


11 years, 19 weeks ago
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