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Rena: Unknowns
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Post #13483 Re: Rena: Unknowns
Vaden posted: (15th Jul 2009 06:20 am)

Apollo posted: (15th Jul 2009 04:54 am)

Another missing unknown is the source of the ambient sounds that you hear when near a waterfall, in hell, haunted house, the desert, and factory.

5_27_3_67 <-- that could be the ambient sound. Its in the first text box in rena's map editor.

Also.... I was using sausages map editor to look at apozen's lair (hell one) and there were some tiles marked with "?" in the lave. Not all the lava. Scattered around... What could that be?

And thoses markers deal with tile specification, and the number is 33... Maybe these tiles are a trigger to the sound. That if you are in a certain range of the tile it starts the sound. And if you fall out of the range, it stops it. Maybe that explains why they are in the lava. Andwhytheyarescattered.

Edit: The "67" in "5_27_3_67" is the sound... If you go to the sfx folder and find sfx067.wav and play it.... Its the lava sound....
Edit2: The "27" is background music.. Apollo and i discovered this while talking over msn.

He opened aeven, seen the 8, i listened to the track, opened eo, warped to the map with background music on, and its the exact track.

Oh good work, that helps a lot.

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13484 Re: Rena: Unknowns
My theory is that the first number is how much times to loop the background music...

So the first number tells it how many times to loop before the music ends... Just a theory.. Could be wrong..

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13485 Re: Rena: Unknowns

also, still missing the "effect" settings for earthquake, hp drain, and tp drain.

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13486 Re: Rena: Unknowns

Apollo's theory on the 3rd number..

The 3rd number is how long till it fades out of the Ambient Sound...
Either going out of range from Ambient Sound Source tile, or leaving map, or logging out. Thats why it still plays for a bit when you log out. Cause it has a fade timer, it waits so long before cutting the sound.

While apollo was tring to test my loop theory for the 1st number apollo discovered that the 1st number is map effect. 2 being tp drain. 5 being earthquake, 1 being hp drain.

SO! Our Full Conclusion... 1_2_3_4

1 => Map Effect (1 hp drain, 2 tp drain, 5 earthquake)
2 => Map BG Music
3 => Ambient Sound Fade Out (ranges from 0-6)
4 => Ambient Sound

Hope this helps you rena!!

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13489 Re: Rena: Unknowns

I am not positive about the 3rd value. I did stumble across a value of 4 in the first digit at map 270. This may be in some way related to Vult-r's defunct anti-speed check at the dragon cave. It seemed to boot people more severly there for some reason, even with only a few on map and if lagging. Can't be positive, no way to test :(

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13497 Re: Rena: Unknowns

All right, the first 3 are correct, however the 4th value didn't seem to effect ambient sound at all.

v5 of my map editor is almost ready with the ability to edit all these ;)

Thanks for the help ^.^

11 years, 17 weeks ago
Post #13548 Re: Rena: Unknowns
Plus! How would you make the map so you can't scroll out? Like in atlantis when you use the scroll it says "Nothing Happened..."

Edit: Totally missed "Use scrolls" check box, didn't think about it that way!!
11 years, 17 weeks ago
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