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Making a Map. (Video)
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In words:

1. Start up server.

2. Open MapEditor

3.Click File --> New

4. Name of map, It doesnt save it so dont even bother.

5. Map Type:I would do Normal = 0

6. Revision, keep it at ''0''.

7. Map Size, Do what ever you want. I did 5 by 5 in my video. So do what ever.

8.Enable Scrolls, If its a jail map. Uncheck it. But it its not a jail. Check it.

9. Enable Map, YES you want to enable the map.

10. Base Tile, it what the tile is going to be all around. I did 3 and you can see its all grass.

11. Then go to File --> Save As. Direct it to you SEOSE or EoServ map folder. ''Name>Desktop or Documents>Seose or EOSERV>Maps. Save as.. 00279.emf  Then click save.

12. Reboot. Go online. And goto.   +goto 279 1 1


And thats my guide. :D


11 years, 12 weeks ago
Post #11746 Re: Making a Map. (Video)

In the vedio you didnt do enable scroll and enable map.

11 years, 12 weeks ago
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