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Post #205334 Help!!!

I can only figure out how to post here so I am, but could someone please tell me why on the Endless Online Main Clone server, my attack sound is messed up. I tried headphones, uninstalling and reinstalling, and used both links and still it sounds like a screech when I attack instead of the normal. I even went into the Endless online resources folder and played the sound in a media player and it is fine. What do I do?

24 weeks, 6 days ago
Post #205335 Re: Help!!!

the sound only happens whenever you attack? and it happens every time you attack? 

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24 weeks, 6 days ago
Post #205336 Re: Help!!!

The new sounds you are hearing would be updated SFX.

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24 weeks, 5 days ago
Post #205340 Re: Help!!!

Well MIDI files are notes to be played using a sound palette. Maybe your computer's MIDI sound bank is a weird one. Does it sound fine in windows media player?

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