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How to Unpack Econfig
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Post #205327 How to Unpack Econfig

im trying to get the unpacked exe file for the econfig but it seems like nobody has ever unpacked it. i know ackiller was used before to unpack the endless client. ackiller is no longer around and my search across google has led nowhere. does anyone have a unpacked econfig.exe file. im trying to change it from saying endless config to Star Config (my server). i was able to get the unpacked version for the endless online client here https://eoserv.net/forum/topic/1268 but it doesnt seem like anyone has ever modified the config file though

edit: i used ackiller to try and unpack it but it still does not work. it says its not ac protected. so how would i go about unpacking the econfig

1 year, 18 weeks ago
Post #205330 Re: How to Unpack Econfig

Have you tried editing it using ollydbg without unpacking it? Note, you can probably also do some cosmetics using reshacker.

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Post #205331 Re: How to Unpack Econfig

I'm not sure if there is much point in trying to unpack the EOConfig. This is developed by Vult-r, so I wouldn't personally change the names on it. If you want to have a game with your own name, I suggest working on your own server / client. 

tl;dr - don't change the name if you did not make it.

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1 year, 14 weeks ago
Post #205367 Re: How to Unpack Econfig

i know this may be a little late of a reply but i remember someone making another eoconfig executable that you might have an easier time unpacking https://www.mediafire.com/file/aztdbv8jj70blfx/Advanced+Eo+Configuration.exe/file

i think it was made by Exile but im not 100% sure

yep lol im pretty sure it was Exile now that i just noticed this ^

30 weeks, 7 hours ago
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