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Post #204923 Tutorial

Any tutorial on how to setup the webcp? This really isn't my area, I'm more of an artist... So if you'd like to exchange services id be happy to work on some artwork in return for some help with the Webcp installation and setup! Thanks

2 years, 8 weeks ago
Post #204924 Re: Tutorial


I would recommend xampp now instead of wamp if you are hosting a web page locally. Also, you may have to do a bit of setup in the Apache virtual host settings as well, but Google can be your friend with that.

2 years, 8 weeks ago
Post #204925 Re: Tutorial/LoginERROR

Thank you Apollo for redirecting me! I managed to get it going!
And its working well except for one thing... I've had the same problem before but no one had an answer... 
While on the webcp4 webpage the accounts login doesn't work and instead gives me this error:

Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings (LoginRate.class.php:155)

It points to the line 155

151 public function Mark($ip_prefix)

152 {

153 $attempts = $this->GetData($ip_prefix);


155 $attempts[] = time();


157 // Avoid the data growing infinitely

158 if (count($attempts) > $this->maxattempts)

159 $attempts[] = array_slice(count($attempts) - $this->maxattempts - 1, count($attempts) - 1);


161 $this->SetData($ip_prefix, $attempts);

162 }


You can try it yourself, you don't even need an account, just press the Login button and the error occurs


I've looked around and haven't managed to fix it... Any help with this anyone??

Thanks again

2 years, 8 weeks ago
Post #204926 Re: Tutorial

This has been corrected as of r536. Thanks for finding this.

2 years, 7 weeks ago
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