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Post #204701 Login Error

Hellow there!

I followed Apollos tutorial on building the webCP and all is well and everything seems to be working fine. 

But when I try to login on the webpage it gives me an error message...  "Uncaught Error: Operator not supported for strings (LoginRate.class.php:155)"

Does anyone know how to get around this? thanks again for everything

3 years, 4 weeks ago
Post #204702 Re: Login Error

It is possible that guide is dated and the php version is out of date. You can follow the guide and use xampp instead of wamp. Make sure to get the latest build for your operating system. Xampp is fairly simple and similar enough to wamp you should feel right at home. 

3 years, 4 weeks ago
Post #204703 Re: Login Error

Hey Apollo.. So I followed your iinstructions and got it running the xampp but i'm still getting the same error.. I think I must change the code on rthe file...

 public function Mark($ip_prefix)
  $attempts = $this->GetData($ip_prefix);
  $attempts[] = time();       ## this is the codeline that is causing the problem ##

  // Avoid the data growing infinitely
  if (count($attempts) > $this->maxattempts)
   $attempts[] = array_slice(count($attempts) - $this->maxattempts - 1, count($attempts) - 1);

  $this->SetData($ip_prefix, $attempts);

And like you said the php code might be outdated and honestly I cant find a fix..

I looked for the error online and tried all the fixed but none worked... So i'm out of my reach here 

Tried downgrading php to 7.0 and 5.4, did not work also :\

3 years, 3 weeks ago
Post #204707 Re: Login Error

What version of WebCP are you trying to use?

CN:BH 4 lyfe
3 years, 3 weeks ago
Post #204708 Re: Login Error

Trying to use WebCP4... It might be something related to my pc... Callum made it work on Linux and he said he didn't modify the code. I made clean installations of sqlite php and xampp and nothing seems to work  :\

I have Win10 home N

I've also never done anything like this.. And I'm trying to learn here, i get things pretty fast but sometimes it's hard without someone pointing me out the way.

Also, have a good year :P

3 years, 3 weeks ago
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