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I cant post on lounge, so..
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Post #204699 I cant post on lounge, so..

I probably shouldn't be posting this here, but I just wanted to thank you guys... I've started this journey knowing absolutely nothing about web designs, pixel art, animations, compiling, webhosting... 
Now this "hobby" has turned into an addiction and, I've just been learning so much.. I know this is all pretty simple to you guys but as someone who doesn't have a background on IT or knows anything other than running a game and watching movies on a computers, I feel really proud of what i've been able to accomplish and it is all thanks to you guys.

@Apollo you are an awesome dude and thank you so much for everything you posted here and for the platform itself... Just finished setting up the WebCP and thanks to your tutorial it was super simple!

@Callum  Thank for everything you post on your eoserv REV, I still haven't managed to build my own but soon I'll try to contribute with some stuff myself.

@jimmy You're always supportive and help when you can... thanks man!

@everyoneelse thank you all! Stava, Sordie, Sausage and so many others. 

I really enjoy this community I'm seeing your post all the time, and I just feel sad that I didn't have the chance or in my case capability and maturity to be part of this community as it thrived... Even so... you have an amazing thing here despite any problems that may surge, I never seen a more helping community than here.

Happy holidays everyone and have an awesome year!

29 weeks, 13 hours ago
Post #204706 Re: I cant post on lounge, so..

Happy new years! 

EO is what helped me towards my passion as well. (Programming / Web Development). Glad to see someone else getting something out of this game.

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28 weeks, 1 day ago
Post #204729 Re: I cant post on lounge, so..

Am probably the newest member..i have been a gamer for as long as i can remember..thought it would be the best if i tried creating a game of my own.

doesn't matter how simple it is..Mario type..The forum has a lot of info though most threads seem to be locked or deleted..hoping it stays up longer..

can surely learn  a lot from here.

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25 weeks, 3 days ago
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