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LF partner/team (EO-like game)
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Post #204658 LF partner/team (EO-like game)

EO inspired isometric MMO seeking programmer. Currently just me working on assets. This is a casual/hobby project, and will be an unpaid position for the foreseeable future. The ideal candidate is familiar with EO game mechanics, and has experience with javascript application development. That being said, it is not a requirement that the client is accessible from web browser, and any relevant technologies may be used as long as we can release on PC. This project is fresh, and as the only other developer, you will have a lot of influence on the outcome. No time commitment or deadlines. Realistic goals. Work at your own pace doing what you would like, and I'll keep the graphics/assets coming your way. 

example scenes / demos:
https://existential-meters.000webhostapp.com/index.html (just to show background/mist effect, and suggest interface for new character creation)

https://existential-meters.000webhostapp.com/index2.html (use arrow keys to move player. just to show some animations and example map)

Email me at ghninetwo@tutanota.com for any comment or question. 

9 weeks, 3 days ago
Post #204659 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

You have a nice concept here. Obviously it's still pretty early on (I see you cheating with that prerendered map image!).

If you do go in a javascript direction, I strongly suggest you go with an established framework such as Phaser. (Note: I'm biased towards Phaser because I've used it a bit myself, and contributed here and there.)

Best of luck on the project.

Want to learn to pixel?
9 weeks, 3 days ago
Post #204661 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

Thank you. I should explain that the script there does not reflect a finished product. It's a quick scribble to help demo some graphics, and to explain some simple aspects of the game. Not an "eo client", but CLEARLY, has an eo skeleton, design-wise. For my purposes, vanilla js/canvas, and shortcuts like the single image map are OK, but of course, the programmer wouldn't want to use any of that script, and any framework/library they prefer could be used. IIRC, phaser already has features for the Tiled map editor, so it'd be a great choice for this project. 

9 weeks, 3 days ago
Post #204662 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

Interesting interface, looks nice! Makes me wanna develop a game -_- good luck on the project!

9 weeks, 2 days ago
Post #204663 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

Nice project, I'm curius about future of it.

9 weeks, 1 day ago
Post #204664 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

This looks really nice, looking forward to playing it.

9 weeks, 7 hours ago
Post #204742 Re: LF partner/team (EO-like game)

Still looking for a programmer. I had stopped doing assets because there was no interest, but have decided to continue (:D). so if you would like more graphics, audio, (any asset type), or demos, email me. I have paperdolled items, NPC, environment, interface, etc..., as well as a completed sound track and sound effects. There is no obligation/deadlines/expectations. If you are interested, shoot me an email. I will provide the assets for you to create a simple client. All game logic and mechanics are very simple, and I can do an interactive javascript demos if there is any need.

As long as you can develop for Windows (+++ for browser), and understand graphics/networking, do not hesitate to email me. While I would love to find someone that is very experienced, I understand that it's a lot to ask for, and I appreciate your talent whether it be a learning experience or not. If you are financially motivated, unfortunately, I can't pay you, but we are working toward a product that has the potential to earn money in the future. The goal is not to earn money. The goal is to create a game. But there is no opposition, if income is a motivating factor. 


Please do not contact me to request that I work on an unrelated project!

1 week, 5 days ago
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