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Fast Account Enable
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Thanks to both of you, for the information and confirmation of how this works. Thanks Apollo, for explaining about sequencing andhelping me understand why this is a client issue. This is very useful information to have when I go back to poke at this more at some point. I know little related to packets and coding, so I will definitely try to mess around and learn more about this. Thanks again.

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Post #204650 Re: Fast Account Enable

If the server ignores packet sequencing just for the account creation packet then it should be fine. If anyone cares the EOFastAccounts addon uses the EOEditMem addon to "poke" the following memory for fast account creation:

Address    - Data
0x00419281 - 0x81BB9000000001000000

And for fast login:

0x0041916F - 0x83BB9400000002

Edit: Bonus info! =D The precursor to EO.Addons was EOLaunch it provided SLN server selection, multiclient and a few basic memory hacks. It's hacks where configurable and visible within the file EOLaunch.ini

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Post #204651 Re: Fast Account Enable


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shayne posted: (13th Dec 2018, 06:38 am)

Not to get you mad at me, but, calm down Apollo! People are just trying to help people. :)

I've already said the best you can do to 'some what' bypass account creation delay, is by reducing the delay by about half. You can test it yourself if you don't believe me. xD I've messed with this more than I should have.. Just saying. ='d

Ever since sequence enforcement was implemented, you will lose connection if the account creation hasn't legitimately loaded through half it's delay. Some times you can get away with lower 'unstable' delays, but unless you set the delay to half or more, you will usually be disconnected at the end of account creation. I don't really know much about the sequence enforcement obviously, but the above is definitely the case because of it.

Tested a bit more, and you can go a little faster than I thought it seems.
Have at ER..  00419281 81 BB 90000000 00020000 (Default)

I even wasted my time to find a stable (always 'seemingly' working) delay.. If you lower the delay much more it will likely disconnect you. Maybe not the first time always, but the second, or third..  00419281 81 BB 90000000 AF000000

Your modifcation changes a compare

from doing var + 144 >= 512

to var + 144  >= 175

and Sordie's modification makes it var  + 144 >= 1

This var seems to be the counter, as it increments by 1 each time the code is ran. Once var + 144 is equal to the value we're hacking, var is used in all subsequent operations.
So it seems like the counter itself is used as a security value. A better hack might be modifying the var to start at the value it needs to be in order for account creation to be deemed finished.

512 - 144 = 368 . is 368 somehow related to the number of seconds that need to pass to finish account creation?

I'm honestly not sure, there doesnt seem to be any counter loops here. I hope vult didnt go overboard with trying to secure account creation haha.

I not hacker

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