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Working quest files and shops
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Post #204443 Working quest files and shops

Hey there once again... I'm sorry about all the questions and such but i have no one else to ask...

Does anyone here have these files? Right now my server is complete but Im only loading 42 quests ou of 56 I fixed 3 already but cant find what's wrong with the others I dont even know which ones they are...

The shops are working well in most cases but for some reason the witch shop and the first shop in newb island (that i know of, aren't) you can see the items on the store and do everything but when you buy them nothing happens, and this I just don't know how to fix... i tried fixing on pub files but everything seems to be in order... there

Please help... I cant focus on creating new things if i can't get the old ones to work!

Thank you!

29 weeks, 7 hours ago
Post #204444 Re: Working quest files and shops

Read the error message when you first run EOSERV. It should tell you the quest file, line number, and the problem. 

28 weeks, 5 days ago
Post #204445 Re: Working quest files and shops

Thanks for the reply but the EOSERV is only showing npc spawn errors, because of location... but that is not a problem at all.

I fixed all the problems i had with the stores.

Right now I'm dealing with the pirate quests... they don't work because on the pub files available the NPCs 177 and 15 (pirate captains) have their quest lines set to 6 and 7 which are the newb land quests pirate treasure and goat horns, also the lost pirate has his quest line set to 22 which doesn't exist on the quest files.

It is impossible to finish the quests like this.

I tried setting the quest like on them to the respective monkey island and pirate quests but i didn't work.

You can't even interact with them...

I'd really appreciate some help with this, I can't properly launch the server like with and focus on other things while this is happening... 

Thanks for you time

28 weeks, 5 days ago
Post #204446 Re: Working quest files and shops

So you downloaded some quests that someone said were the actual EO main quests, but in reality someone screwed up the numbering because they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I do know that officially the newb quests came after the AW quest which was #26. It appears your newbland quests were numbered wrong, probably the NPC quest ID. I would wipe all quest data from your database and correct this issue before trying to make yet another EO duplicate server.

28 weeks, 5 days ago
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