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Forever Lasting Online (art)
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Post #204127 Forever Lasting Online (art)

Hello everyone!

A place to comment the art content. Client written by JimmyEE (EOA).

Self-interview (to maintain the proper level of egocentricity)

What is Forever Lasting Online?

Es: It's a very old projected that was abandoned years ago due to different things. It was called 'Ankle Online'. It was always two of us, me and JimmyEE. I believe it was something like 2011, when we had all those dreams to make a better game than EO. At least, a similar game. Maintain the quality the oryginal EO has when it was quite popular.

But there were/are different other games like EO...

Es: That's true! Opposite to all those EO servers, I believe that TFG3 and Aureus Online had it chance. TFG3 rather stucked at level where creating new good quality art was like ridiculously tough thing. Aureus was always treated as server. Even if graphics were different - you will never be able to say - that it is not EO. All in all - only creators decide what will happen to the game. They've just decided to on-hold those projects, which is a shame. I've abandoned my own project, so I know how it is...

How Forever Lasting Online will be a better game than EO?

Es: Making story short: EO is the past. First thing - it has really poor graphics. Not talking about the size or level of details. It was good in 2005, but the pixel art has evolved. I was considering once to refresh EO art, but I really don't care about such volunteering stuff. It's much more wise decisiot to create something new, unique. EO has no colour pallette. The newest art had some interesting colours from dirty yellow to dark brown+brown violet. But all in all - colours are messy. If you will go to pixeljoint - you will see that awareness how colours are important - is, in these years - pretty high. Than we go with the textures, some things e.g. trees are not even a pixelart. A huge refreshment would be required.

Is art that important?

Es: Users have to be interested in playing the game. Only pixelart with quite good quality may bring a community that likes pixelart. EO will not bring all those guys.

Why the art is that tiny?

ES: FLO char is 2/3 of Endless char. I didn't want to create a game that looks like EO. It had to be different. All those projects, maybe except TFG/TFG3 - could be claimed as EO clone. I didn't want that. The char was even tinnier at the beginning - half of the current size! But it evolved, had like 30 versions, even had that evolution stored. The main assumption regarding FLO was to: create the art as simple - to allow anyone to create new art 1. quickly 2. skipping textures 3. skipping the risk that everyone has it own style, small size required very specific way of thinking and resolving things in 1 reasonable way.

What is the current progress?

Es: Almost everything is touched. Weapons, clothes, environment indoor, outdoor... Right now I'm concentrating on corrections, further evolution. The main task right now is to correct animation, add 1 additional frame which requires redrawing all caps. Naturally - the graphics will be limited to its reasonable range. There will be 1 indoor hours scheme. Caves are pretty simple, planning to add dungeons wall/ground. Most of the action although will take place in forests, we have also this ship/water thing so may decide to develop this pirate feeling further. There are 7 types of haircuts, I will decide to limit the amount of weapons to the most interesting ones and leave it below 10 too. The only thing that exceeds 10 as amount are NPCs, plenty of good ideas, EO is a huge reference (rat looks almost the same).

What is the most difficult part while drawing?

Es: I hate animating. Rather low knowledge, and the size limits the flexibility. While other sizes allow you to operate with a texture - here, in most cases, there is only 1 proper decision. You will also not get any references, you cannot cheat by resizing sprites and filling the shapes with textures. Learning patience is also important. I need to take like 10 breaths and go for a walk to get back to a stuff drew 5 years ago, that I know that it could just look better. But, whenever you succeed (like, with the roofs) - it feels soooo good, it's like 'oh, yeah, it was looking good and now it even amazes myself'.

What is your opinion regarding details?

Es: Drop it. FLO is make in a way where you may drop textures. Drawing a new set of clothes is rather simple. Except thinking/creating a concept. All in all - I would like to see people drawing very good quality for FLO, art that can easily suit the whole art concept.

What will be the FLO gameplay?

Es: That's a good question! It looks like we have different ideas that we would like to add to FLO. The main thing is to maintain in-game community - EO was always a chat room. To do that - you have to maintain a level of boredom, so people will spend time together. Not sure how to do that - maybe it's a power of guilds? I really don't want to make the game either experience oriented or quest oriented. There should be a freedom (do whatever you want), there should be some kind of story (rather hidden, like hidden riddles to progress) - but achieving an interesting gameplay is rather hard. It will be discussed internally - but I'm expecting that either - players will slowly discover the world rules and riddles + will stay in some kind of groups to progress. Although - I really hate typical MMO's guilds. I would say - staying together as a way of progressing than doing dungueons, compete within the guild.

So what could be a twist for playing in guilds?

Es: Two main ideas - affecting the world (map updates) depending on preassure made by guild e.g. opening the door to special map. The second thing is finding a way to play together. I was thinking of ships (suprisingly, those from space). 'One Piece' style or 'Star Trek' feeling. But allowing people to be less active during this 'space' discovery.

What will be the story about?

Es: Different states of minds (JimmyEE idea), different versions of reality basing on Steins;Gate or Anonymous;Code games. Nothing more to say for now. Definitelly - something insane but kept in science oriented world.

Any other crazy ideas?

Es: Yup. Since EO has very open packets structure etc. - I was thinking about making it open for bots. It is not that bots will not be punished. But I was thinking more about making it open for AI projects. One of the ideas is to make a bot, provide documentation and start cooperation with some universities or projects. Imagine AI moving efficiently in FLO.

What is behind making FLO? Money? Fame?

Es: None of those. It is like filling at last a hole in heart.

Why it may succees comparing to state in 2011?

From my perspective - feeling to be more mature. I'm not so scared about making tough decisions or looking for references. Able to plan, create sprints - working in Software Development company helps to realize how to succeed. Still - I've got some problems with emotion set, but I'm more aware how to deal with it, how to motivate myself.

Other interests?

The same as Jimmyee - music. Playing guitar/singing - a lot of gear at thome. Hoping to record an EP this summer (I have to).

Where are you hanging around?

Only discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/CDVjfM7 . There is a section to present the latest progress, even diagram showing current sprint. The funniest part is that all Polish guys from eohax/eopolska irc channel are there: me, Jimmyee, Blo, Hincu. Good base for this server.
3 years, 32 weeks ago
Post #204138 Re: Forever Lasting Online (art)

This looks phenomenal. The art is absolutely beautiful, and what you said here;

"The main assumption regarding FLO was to: create the art as simple - to allow anyone to create new art 1. quickly 2. skipping textures 3. skipping the risk that everyone has it own style, small size required very specific way of thinking and resolving things in 1 reasonable way."

I love the idea behind this. I can't wait to see this finished!

(PS your discord invite expired)

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3 years, 31 weeks ago
Post #204160 Re: Forever Lasting Online (art)

Looks great man cant wait to play

Hail Satan!
3 years, 30 weeks ago
Post #205168 Re: Forever Lasting Online (art)

The Discord Link Is Expired ☹️ If This Project Is Still In Development, Mind Reposting The Discord Invite Please?

46 weeks, 16 hours ago
Post #205204 Re: Forever Lasting Online (art)

Anyone have download  to this client or the gfx?

22 weeks, 9 hours ago
Post #205205 Re: Forever Lasting Online (art)
lolss posted: (7th Jul 2021, 11:41 pm)

Anyone have download  to this client or the gfx?

I doubt that you will have any luck finding the art on this forum, since I'm not sure Abus is active here anymore.

Your best bet is to go to the Discord where he's active 'WePixelGames' its called.

I generated an invite link for the Discord, here it is: https://discord.gg/5HYct7GxG3

20 weeks, 2 days ago
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