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Post #204125 EOArena

Hello again :)

I'm launching a new project which is continuation of EOA. EOArena is also a "ressurection" of an old project that has been around this community years ago (browser-based). As the title says, it will be mostly concerned around EO arena. Obviously it may evolve and there may be more competitions in that sense.
Right now I've got stable client/server offering opportunity to create account, login, create character and walk. Most probably, in next hours I will post a download link and you'll be able to experience the game from it's first versions; for now I just leave a screenshot of my work in current progress; cheers

1 year, 16 weeks ago
Post #204126 Re: EOArena

You referring to Aphelion? That was fun while it lasted. Sad to see this isnt browser based but I can respect why not, it takes a lot of coding to do it.

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1 year, 16 weeks ago
Post #204128 Re: EOArena

Sounds good Jimmyee, I always wanted to make an EO Arena kind of thing to see how far I could come with the knowledge of client/server. Sadly enough my motivation hasn't been and prob has never been that great to even achieve anything like that. Glad there are people that show me otherwise.

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1 year, 16 weeks ago
Post #204137 Re: EOArena

This looks like fun! Good on you for taking this up, dude. I look forward to joining once it is available for us to do so!

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1 year, 15 weeks ago
Post #204159 Re: EOArena

Where is this download link you speak of jimmy??!

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1 year, 14 weeks ago
Post #204392 Re: EOArena

Another dead project? :(

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46 weeks, 4 days ago
Post #204402 Re: EOArena

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45 weeks, 6 days ago
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