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Post #204042 Music Files

Hello, this might seem basic to some or most, but I've always been interested in it and haven't been able to find anyone talking about it. 

Does anyone have any tips that might regard the best ways to create/write MIDI files to replace EO's current music?

I've seen several servers change the music and I am aware of the process on how to get it on there as it's just replacing the MFX files, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good program or two if I wanted to write my own, or maybe someone who could give me a better understanding of how MIDI music works. I'm a musician and alongside making maps I think it'd be extremely fun to do or try out especially for EO's format.

If I'm in the wrong place, let me know =]

 - Cillar

48 weeks, 3 days ago
Post #204043 Re: Music Files

A MIDI file is just a standard windows file/format.

"Advantages of MIDI include small file size, ease of modification and manipulation and a wide choice of electronic instruments and synthesizer or digitally-sampled sounds." - Wikipedia.

in terms of how they can be created: MIDI Composition (

In terms of EO i think a lot of the tracks and sounds have to be about the same length.  But i'll let someone else who still dabbles in EO (such as Apollo) to confirm if the client handles it in a stupid kind of way.

48 weeks, 2 days ago
Post #204045 Re: Music Files

Thanks for the reply!

I think this might be where my biggest disconnect comes in though. I haven't tried my newest DAW yet, but most programs i write music with when files are exported as MIDI come out sounding awful and I get the feeling it is because I am probably missing a step or using the wrong virtual instruments to create the music. 

I had no idea about the timings, i honestly just believed EO was programmed to play them on a loop and to design them to fit that method. If anyone knows more I'd really appreciate the help!

 - Cillar

48 weeks, 1 day ago
Post #204047 Re: Music Files

If you open an EO midi file in Fl Studio and just edit that file it it should work pretty well, I did that before and it worked but that was a while ago.

48 weeks, 14 hours ago
Post #204048 Re: Music Files

I recommend checking out OpenMPT. You can modify and create new midi files with it. Plus it's free and fairly simple to use.

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48 weeks, 13 hours ago
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