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Wedding System rev 535
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Post #203213 Wedding System rev 535

I recently added weddings into a friends server and so far the codes worked pretty solid so I thought I'd release it. Majority of the code is from the earlier releases (Hollow's etc) So credit to them where deserved. I've changed the code around and like to think simplified it (a lot) without compromising efficiency.

There's a bit of code so I stuck it all in a text with some basic instructions to follow, let me know if it's hard on the eyes:


If you get any errors or something doesn't work post here and I'll respond asap!

EDIT: This system uses the NPC speech already in EOSERV, you'll need to change the builder.AddShort(from->index); to a Char in the void Map::Msg(NPC *from, std::string message). This is in Map.cpp!

44 weeks, 5 days ago
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Hey Callum. Nice job, thanks for releasing! I'll definitely try this soon! I only skimmed over the code so far, but it looks good. :b

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44 weeks, 3 days ago
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