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EO for Mac
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Hi there,

This isn't exactly the most complex of questions:

I'd like to play EO as an attempt to satisfy my nostalgia, but I find myself in an impediment because I've used a PC since, well.. ever and have no idea how to get it up and running on a Mac.
Help a dork out?


3 years, 15 weeks ago
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You're lucky I do in-fact only help dorks out.

There are about two main choices I am aware of off the bat.

A) Using WINE
2) Running windows inside a virtual machine.

B. Running windows inside a virtual machine:

Download Virtualbox or VMWare Player

Download either a copy of windows 7 you find online, or this windows 8.1 download directly from microsoft. (windows 8.1 sucks). If windows 8.1 sucks, you can still download windows xp mode for it.

The windows you download will come as an ISO. Create a new virtual machine and set the ISO as the cd drive source in your virtual machine software (Virtualbox or VMWare Player). When creating the machine make the size of it be about 30GB (or 50GB if you plan on using it for more than eo). Then when you start the machine, boot from the CD you setup, and it will go through installing windows for you.

End result: you have windows computer inside of your mac as an application.

A) Using WINE ... Oh look someone made a guide. Have fun :)

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3 years, 15 weeks ago
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