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Expanded Skin Selection (Mod/Guide)
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I came across a topic relating to the skin selection limitation recently, so decided to look into it, as I didn't even think of it before.
I know this has been done before by Apollo for sure, not sure if anyone has done this, but I feel I should probably release this.
Especially considering it turned out being a simple compare you need to change.

Note: Some text is ripped from my last guide..

If you want to bypass the 3 skin selection limit, and let players select up to a maximum of 6 skins, you can use this exploit and related server config edits below.

Expanded Skin Selection Guide
NOTE: You will need an unpacked endless executable.
-Start by opening OlldyDbg.
-Click the folder icon, then select the EO executable you want to modify.

First lets modify the compare that restricts the client to allowing users to select from a maximum of 3 skins.
Expand Skin Selection Address: 004718AE
-Press 'ctrl+g' keys and type the address above, then select 'ok'.
-Right click the highlighted address (004718AE) and select 'Binary', then select 'Edit'
-Replace the byte (83 7A 10 03) with (04) OR (05) OR (06) and select 'ok'. (The client only supports up to 6 skins maximum.)

Now you're going to need to copy all memory to the executable and save it.

-Right click anywhere in the disassembler, then select 'Copy' then 'Select all'
-Right Click in the disassembler again, then select 'Copy to Executable' then 'Selection'
-A new menu will now pop up. Right click it, then select 'Save file' and name the file something different than your backup file..
[Now everything is copied and saved!]

Now all you have to do, is change the MaxSkin = 3 and CreateMaxSkin = 3 inside of your eoserv extras config, to 4, 5 or 6 for both.
## MaxHairStyle, MaxHairColor, MaxSkin (number)
# The maximum character parameters that can exist
MaxHairStyle = 20
MaxHairColor = 9
MaxSkin = 3

## CreateMinHairStyle, CreateMaxHairStyle (number)
## CreateMinHairColor, CreateMaxHairColor (number)
## CreateMinSkin, CreateMaxSkin (number)
# The minimum and maximum character parameters that new characters can use
# This should only be changed for custom/patched clients which allow them
CreateMinHairStyle = 1
CreateMaxHairStyle = 20
CreateMinHairColor = 0
CreateMaxHairColor = 9
CreateMinSkin = 0
CreateMaxSkin = 3

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Post #203403 Re: Expanded Skin Selection (Mod/Guide)

Newb question here sorry....where can I get a unpacked version of EO? Or better yet unpack it myself? 

3 years, 7 weeks ago
Post #203407 Re: Expanded Skin Selection (Mod/Guide)

I figure I'd help you out since the mods are too busy being ignorant and unable to read a basic paragraph. Talk about useless. Anyway, here ya go.


My skins dying because you're under it-
I’m done lying to myself for this.
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