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Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?
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Post #202459 Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?


I am currently on Windows 10 and fullscreen doesn't work on any of the Endless Online clients I tested with. I've tried the standard client, the decompressed client (such as MULTICLIENT.exe), and I have even tried the Fallen Evolution client (which looks to be exactly the same as the decompressed client).

I also tried every single Compatibility mode from Windows 95 to Windows 8.

When going full screen, the result is one of the two you see below:

Does any one know of any solution to a working fullscreen function? I don't mind if it requires memory editing, resource editing, an EO.Addon, or even an open source client, ect. Or maybe there's a more simple route that I haven't tried yet. I also know that there's a "sizable client" feature, which is not a good substitute for fullscreen.

Thank you!

Just your friendly neighborhood Programmer-Man!
2 years, 14 weeks ago
Post #202479 Re: Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?

I keep meaning to publish a fix for this but always end up ignoring it due to the fact I never use EO full screen, sorry. =S

Currently the best solution for Win10 is the EOSoftwareRender addon. It will fix all of EO's little graphical bugs associated with using Win10 (black lines, unrendered tiles, graphic lag, etc). You can either install this manually (assuming you know what you're doing), download a recommended zip file of addons or I offer a clean client with addons pre-setup for Win10/Clone. Have some links:

If you're not very confident with setting up software I highly recommend the first link (Complete client). Just Unzip it to an empty folder and you should be good to go.

If you use a maximised window as substitute for full screen then you may wish to add EODisplay to your addons folder. It modifies the way the client draws the final buffer to the screen and, amongst other things, will slightly improve the way the client scales graphics. If I ever fix fullscreen it will be part of this addon as most of the code to fix it is already in there.

2 years, 14 weeks ago
Post #202480 Re: Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?

Try Sordie's method, or try running as administrator/dragging your game client to your computer's Desktop. I've heard both of those solutions work well for Windows 10. 

2 years, 14 weeks ago
Post #202483 Re: Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?

You can also disable the display adapter while EO is running, or if you feel pro wrap it in a batch file that will disable it while the client is running.

2 years, 13 weeks ago
Post #202500 Re: Is there a fix for fullscreen mode?

Thank you all for the replies!


Unfortunately this solution doesn't work.


I've been using your EO.Addons for quiet some time and I love them! I didn't notice that EOSoftwareRender actually fixed full screen. I just tested it and it works (although there's still some bugs, but it's too be expected).

With all things said and done, 640x480 resolution with the minor bugs, is a bit of a hassle. So I will stick to using your EOBigPixels addon. It's good to know that there is a way to use fullscreen though!

Out of curiousity, what exactly does EODisplay do, in regards to scaling?

Thank you very much!


That's a great idea! Thank you for the solution. Fortunately Sordie's solution allows me to use software rendering without disabling my GPU.


I do have one more question regarding the client, which may seem a bit odd:

I'm not able to press multiple keyboard keys simultaneously when inputting text (such as the login and the message box). I noticed that if I hold down multiple keys at the same time, the client will simply stop registering any key input. This might not seem like a problem, but due to the way I type (sometimes pressing the next key just before letting go of the previous key), a lot of times it doesn't register my key strokes. It makes it really hard to type messages in the game, I have to consciously force myself to instantly lift my finger off of the current key before pressing the next key. I have never experienced a problem like this with applications.

Does any one else have this issue? Or is it the way I type? I assume this might be a design choice for the text input, but it'd be nice if there's a way around it!

Thank you.

Just your friendly neighborhood Programmer-Man!
2 years, 13 weeks ago
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