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New forum organization guide
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Post #196433 New forum organization guide

Overview of where to post topics in the new forum structure:


  • Discussion about EOSERV:
    • Technical discussion about the EO protocol, etc.
    • Brainstorming / proposing ideas.
    • Discussing bugs / missing features.
    • Sharing code modifications and modified distributions.
  • Support for EOSERV:
    • Guides / questions about modifying EOSERV,
    • Building EOSERV,
    • or setting up a development environment for EOSERV.
    • Basic server setup help (installing pub files, map files, basic configuration).
    • General server setup help (including port forwarding).
  • General discussion about other EO server emulators
    • Discussion / support for other existing emulators: Seose, Kalandra, MEOW, EOSEP (include the emulator's name in the topic title)
      (For EOSource support visit http://eosource.net/forum/)

    • Discussing / announcing your own EO server emulator project

Client Editing

  • Discussion about reverse engineering the EO client and its data files.
  • Discussion about EO client clones: EO.Alt, EODev, etc.
  • Discussing / announcing your EO client clone projects.

EO Server Building

  • Discussion, release and support for tools for modifying EO data such as: pub files, map files, etc.
  • Discussion about customizing the EO client / EOSERV for a private server.
  • Discussion/sharing designs, storylines, quests, scripts, and other ideas for EO private servers.
  • Sharing/displaying artwork and maps for EO.
  • NO: Advertisement topics for private servers.

Game Development

  • Technical discussion of game engines, servers, development etc.
  • Discussing/sharing game design ideas, techniques, etc.
  • Sharing/displaying games, or artwork/ideas/designs for games you are developing under the following conditions:
    • Your game must not be an already "finished product".
    • Your game should fit the interests of the community somewhat (social, MMO, RPG),
    • OR, you must be an already established member of the community (have a post history other than ones about your game)

Lounge 2.0

  • General discussion about Endless Online, including the official servers and the community
  • General discussion about anything not disallowed by the rules.
5 years, 42 weeks ago
Post #196846 Re: New forum organization guide

test! i like the lounge, but theres not many active posters anymore =[

5 years, 37 weeks ago
Post #196987 Re: New forum organization guide

Looks very clean! Great work Sausage. :)

I not hacker

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whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein : Really Great Quote Ramy!
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