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Remaining off-topic forums archived
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Post #196227 Remaining off-topic forums archived

Update: This post is now obsolete.

The remaining forums (Artists, Client Editing and Programming) have been archived.

The EOSERV forum will remain open for on-topic discussion only. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.

Reminder of what is on-topic:

  • Discussion about EOSERV (the software):
    • Development
    • Support
    • Third-party modifications
    • Making fun of it
  • Discussion about platforms and tools related to EOSERV

Off-topic but unenforced:

  • Asking for assistance / files needed for setting up a server (maps, pubs, drop tables, port forwarding, hosting, etc.)

And what is off-topic:

  • Discussion about EOSERV (the "community")
  • Discussion about server emulators or game development
  • Discussion about Endless Online or other games
  • Discussion about EO clients or client hacking/editing
  • Discussion about private servers, including recruitment
  • Discussion about other projects, including recruitment
  • Shitposts

Also, logged in users can now see deleted topics.

6 years, 10 weeks ago
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EOSERV Forum > Announcements > Remaining off-topic forums archived