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Few questions.
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Post #116763 Few questions.

Okay i recentley quit everything and anything to do with EO / Private servers from becoming bored.
Now i want to start again, i got a EOserv working with everything but i want a seose up again for speed n other things i wana make a PK-server like main.

But when i create the accounts the server shuts down i kinda forgot what to do at this part. it's something to do with character database or something.. any help?

9 years, 23 weeks ago
Post #118070 Re: Few questions.

It seems to me like you're talking about EO main. Why is this in Seose? This is very difficult to comprehend.. Did you not reread your topic? arghfidffkdjfkd=/

If you are referring to the EO main "create character" crashing problem: When you create a character, if the name you choose is taken it WILL crash. I don't know why, so don't bother to ask. ^-^ Just log in again and try a different name. Keep doing this until youcome across a name that is not taken.

By The Way: Try the Lounge section next time. ;)

I just noticed this topic is a week old.. oops >.>

9 years, 21 weeks ago
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Topic is locked.
EOSERV Forum > Seose > Few questions.