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How do I portforward BT HomeHub3??
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Post #108970 How do I portforward BT HomeHub3??

I need help to portforward my homehub3 and dont go say use the forum search cuz its not there i want to know howto open then page to like portforward ur actual router help please

9 years, 30 weeks ago
Post #108974 Re: How do I portforward BT HomeHub3??

You did not look. There are plenty of guides to do this.

Also, Google it.

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Post #108985 Re: How do I portforward BT HomeHub3??

Portforward.com , and not trying to be an asshole. But this clearly has nothing to fucking do with Seose ^_^

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Post #110256 Re: How do I portforward BT HomeHub3??

Literally 2-5 seconds on google. . . .

  1. Open the BT Home Hub Manager by typing http://bthomehub.home into your browser.
  2. If this is the first time you have been to your Home Hub manager you'll have to enter your admin password which can be found on the Hub Settings Card that you pull out from the top of your Hub. You'll then be asked to change your password first before you can view your Hub's information page.
  3. Click Settings in the menu.
  4. Enter your Password then click OK.
  5. Click Advanced Settings in the menu.
  6. Click Continue to Advanced Settings.
  7. Click Port Forwarding in the menu.
  8. Check to see if the game/application is listed in the Game or application drop down. If it's not there then you'll need to read the other instructions below.
  9. If listed, select the relevant game or application and then select the device on your home network (it may be necessary to use the device's MAC address. You can usually find your games console's MAC address on a label, or by looking at the console's management pages.).
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click Apply.

You should be set up now.

What to do if the game/application is not listed

Create a new game or an application by clicking Supported Applications in the menu and then follow these steps. You must know the details of your port forward at this stage.

  1. Click Add new game or application.
  2. Enter a name for the game or application.
    • To create a variant of a game or application that is already defined select Yes next to Copy an existing game/application then select the game/application in the list.
    • To add a new game/application select No next to Copy an existing game/application.
  3. Enter Protocol > Port range > Translate to as appropriate for the rule you are adding.
  4. Click Add.
  5. If there are multiple protocols/ranges for this rule repeat steps 4 and 5 as appropriate.
  6. Click Apply.
9 years, 29 weeks ago
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