EOSERV Bug Tracker > Bug #72: Fix the config.

Bug #72: Fix the config.

Fix the config.
ID #72
Submitter Addison
Product EOSERV
Severity Trivial
Submitted 6th Sep 2012
Updated 6th Sep 2012
Addison Submitter 8 years, 4 weeks ago

I was reading some bug report or some shit and you were mentioning how your config system isn't right with the MaxLineLength. lern2 std::getline. Easier.


Sausage Developer 8 years, 4 weeks ago

EOSERV used to avoid the iostream library because of the stupid overhead of it, but now that EO+ depends on it, it should either be universally applied or, preferably, replaced with something else that's suitably designed for byte-level operation.

Either way, this is a bug, since it has been demonstrated to impact someone, and it can be fixed independently of applying iostream usage.

Updated Severity to TRIVIAL
Updated Status to CONFIRMED

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