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Bug #474: RPN is not RPN

RPN is not RPN
ID #474
Submitter Apollo
Product EOSERV
Severity Trivial
Status OPEN, NEW
Submitted 24th Jun 2021
Updated 24th Jun 2021
Apollo Submitter 2 years, 48 weeks ago

It seems EOSERV doesn't use a traditional RPN format (a / b = a b /) but rather an inverted operand method that is (a / b = b a /). I am not sure if it worth noting at this point, but no traditional RPN conversion tools found online can produce a proper result that can give the desired effect in EOSERV. Not sure if this will be fixed or replaced in the future, but this is worth noting for anyone trying to write more complex formulas for EOSERV in the formula config file.


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