EOSERV Bug Tracker > Bug #473: #Packetrateattack too slow

Bug #473: #Packetrateattack too slow

#Packetrateattack too slow
ID #473
Submitter dumpster
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Status OPEN, NEW
Submitted 22nd Mar 2021
Updated 22nd Mar 2021
dumpster Submitter 3 years, 9 weeks ago

From EOserv source:

  1. PacketRateAttack (number)

  • Controls pause after client attacks
  • PacketRateAttack = 500ms

    The 500 ms enforcement is a tiny bit shorter than the rate the client normally attacks at. Thus, it is possible to gain a small advantage by poking the mem address 00403F23 to something between e.g. 20 to 50. Plus, one might argue EOserv enforces slower attacking than EO possibly intended.

    I measured the difference by attacking then recording the audio through a secondary client. It's small yet noticeable.

    Same goes for walking.


    Cirras 1 year, 39 weeks ago

    Increasing this to the correct delay (600ms, I believe?) isn't a good fit for the action queue as it's currently implemented.

    All it takes is a bit of latency between packets for you to start building up more and more delay in the action queue while walking or attacking, getting further and further out-of-sync between the server and client.

    So, for example, you'd take a long walk across a map, stop to attack an NPC, and find that your attack doesn't register for a noticable amount of time.

    See #335.

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