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Bug #449: Lobby/Lounge Thread

Lobby/Lounge Thread
ID #449
Submitter Hacker_Alex
Product eoserv.net
Severity Feature Request
Submitted 18th Apr 2017
Updated 6th May 2017
Hacker_Alex Submitter 7 years, 6 weeks ago

Since miscellaneous conversation is not allowed anywhere on EOSERV.NET , I propose that we at least have a sticky Lounge 3.0 thread in the EOSERV section which the first time you try to access it you get a disclaimer message saying the chat may be un-moderated and contain profanity. Then if people want to have some conversation and stuff all the spam can go in that one thread. It will help keep eoserv more active, and you don't get the huge number of useless threads to monitor.

Someone said we need Lounge 3.0 :p


Sausage Developer 7 years, 3 weeks ago


Updated Status to CLOSED, WONTFIX

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