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Bug #389: Group Heal

Group Heal
ID #389
Submitter Deaven
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Submitted 1st Sep 2015
Updated 1st Jul 2016
Related SVN Revisions
Rev# Date Description
r535 01 Jul 2016 21:01:23 UTC Ban table info is shown on startup (bug #290), NPC drops are validated (bug #359), "$d here" ...
Deaven Submitter 8 years, 39 weeks ago

I was on clone and used Group Heal. It healed past the health I had each time I used it. So I had 150/150 HP. I cast group heal now I have 170/150 HP. It goes back to normal during world regen.


jimmy 8 years, 39 weeks ago

Does this effect game play? as in, an advantage before world regen? I forget how often this occurs though.

Sausage Developer 8 years, 32 weeks ago

This is a bug when LimitDamage is disabled I think. It's moderately bad since you can just spam group heals and never worry about overhealing.

Updated Status to CONFIRMED

Sausage Developer 7 years, 47 weeks ago

Fixed in r535.

Updated Status to CLOSED, FIXED

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