EOSERV Bug Tracker > Bug #196: Temporary Invisible after a warp

Bug #196: Temporary Invisible after a warp

Temporary Invisible after a warp
ID #196
Submitter Apollo
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Submitted 6th Dec 2012
Updated 17th Mar 2013
Related SVN Revisions
Rev# Date Description
r380 17 Mar 2013 11:49:01 UTC Fix sending all character info to the player on map entry, causing graphical glitches (bug #1 ...
Apollo Submitter 8 years, 4 days ago

Not sure the exact cause, but a character will remain invisible shortly after warping.

After some testing, I have been able to determine this can be evaded if you are either alone on the map or everyone is in range of you. I believe there is a problem with range checking during MapEnter, or possibly the character is taking the id of another character?!


Ryouken 8 years, 4 days ago

Invisible as in hidden = true? Or just not viewable to players at all?

Apollo Submitter 8 years, 3 days ago

Invisible as the character isn't drawn on map entry. Sausage has seen this first hand on my test server. I was encountering this in arena as well. When all characters are within range there is no problem it seems, but otherwise you are invisible until you start walking. That may narrow it down to either InRange or the FOREACH being broken somehow.

Apollo Submitter 7 years, 38 weeks ago

I have a hunch that this is the result of the packet queue that prevents spamming of packets. I have found that Sausage restricts by packet family. I will test a work-around for this unless he beats me to it.

Sausage Developer 7 years, 38 weeks ago

Fixed in r380

Updated Status to CLOSED, FIXED

DanScott 7 years, 37 weeks ago

He beat you to it :P

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