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Bug #138: Enforce Account Create and Login Time.

Enforce Account Create and Login Time.
ID #138
Submitter Apollo
Product EOSERV
Severity Normal
Submitted 25th Sep 2012
Updated 25th Sep 2012
Apollo Submitter 8 years, 2 days ago

The server should enforce the time it takes to create an account or login a player (optionally) to prevent things such as bot account creation and hyper relogging when specific areas are camped. Acct create circa 2:12, Login circa 0:12.


Sausage Developer 8 years, 2 days ago

This can be crudely achieved by increasing the packet queue delay time (currently one second for account creation, 0 for login), but the 2 minutes for account creation would have to be shortened to to around 30 seconds so the user isn't disconnected (but that's a bug in itself). If implemented properly, the server would have to set a timer event similar to spells in the case the client sends the request too early, to keep synchronization.

I'm not sure if I'd want this on by default (the login delay, at least), since the wait is arbitrary and annoying to begin with.

The official EO server doesn't enforce the login timer, and has a very short (a few seconds) enforced delay on account creation.

Updated Status to CONFIRMED

Apollo Submitter 8 years, 2 days ago

The account creation process is 2 seperate packet calls from the client. The way I handled this was adding double create_begin to EOClient::Initialize(). When the REQUEST packet occurs the begin time should be loaded, and the CREATE packet that follows checks the current time >= create_begin + 120.0. Since two seperate packets handle creation it is probably better to place a simple counter. The login process is similar to this as well. In any case, both of these should use a simple config timer to check if the server operator wishes.

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