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Post #204031 Error

I keep getting this error when I build. 

\trunk\src\extra\ntservice.cpp|48|error: 'ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR' was not declared in this scope|

Everything is setup correctly I am running under a sqlite build it still gives me this error 

the code points to this 



service_status.dwWin32ExitCode = ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR;


1 year, 15 weeks ago
Post #204032 Re: Error

Everything is clearly not set up correctly since you're using a toolchain where windows.h apparently isn't defining ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR.

You can try replacing it with the value 1066, but there's no guarantee that everything else will work.

Ideally, try using a different MinGW distribution.

1 year, 15 weeks ago
Post #204033 Re: Error

I'll try a differnt distro of mingw


I changed distro of mingw nothing changed I went an defined ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR and the other errors I am getting along these lines in the same file but then I get a error about expecting primary expression "," before token but these expressions do exsist. 
Any ideas? 

1 year, 15 weeks ago
Post #204034 Re: Error

Just get the newest MinGW (probably 6.1), newest Code::Blocks version, link everything needed for the EOSERV project and compile it. If you're using any modified version of EOSERV then download new one and see if it compiles.
Don't TRY another distro, GET NEWEST MOST UPDATED VERSION. Aligned to the general consensus not to some specific community.

MinGW 6.1

1 year, 15 weeks ago
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