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Astal Map Pack 1
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Post #204005 Astal Map Pack 1

Well, originally I was going to re-release all my custom gfx and maps that my server from 2009? had but it turns out that somewhere along the lines I lost almost all of it. I recreated some of the maps for free using the normal endless gfx and will eventually recreate the entire thing from scratch if I find the time. If I do release more segments, I will more than likely try to rebump this thread unless I am the last poster on this topic. If I do have time in the future, expect packs of 8-10 maps, as well as possible tweaks to older maps.

The downloadable link is here for the first 8 maps: Astal Map Pack 1 (Winrar/Extractor Required)

If you want to use them, feel free, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Please do not take credit for any of this. All credit obviously goes to Vult, his staff, and Sausage/Apollo for their work on the map editors (As well as anyone else whom I forget to mention here). The only credit I take is for putting in a few hours to put the gfx together.

2) If you decide to use these maps, here are a few suggestions:

  • Warps are already implemented for the most part. If you want to re-arrange warps, feel free to.
    • Similarily, if you want to rearrange the map #'s (I started at 001 for simplicity sake), you will also want to adjust the warps on each map accordingly.
    • The default starting map is, in the original client set for newbie island, you will have to adjust this in your client settings if you want to setup map 1 as the starting point.
  • All NPCs that I did have on the maps were removed. Feel free to put in whatever you feel like.
  • All chests/lockers, etc. are functioning but do not have any loot assigned to them. Additionally, I did not put any of the music tracks onto the maps, so feel free to go nuts on these changes.

3) Any C&C are welcome but will not be taken into consideration. It is honestly up to you if you want to keep them laid out exactly the same or to customize them as you see fit. No feelings will be hurt whatsoever.

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1 year, 10 weeks ago
Post #204010 Re: Astal Map Pack 1

Nice to see people still releasing stuff and helping out the community, especially considering how rare that is these days. I haven't checked out the maps or anything, so can't give opinions, but you don't seem to want feedback anyways. :) Just showing appreciation to ya for helping others, thanks.

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